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Shangri-Nah Studio is a recording studio based in Urbana, Illinois and operated by Matt Wenzel.  The cozy space rests just blocks away from downtown Urbana and is well suited for 4-piece bands, solo artists, vocal overdubs, mixing/mastering, and pretty much any kind of audio service that may be needed.


Tracking, Mixing




Mixing is often where the artist's unique vision coalesces with technical execution.  Let us help you achieve that vision by working together to create your sonic masterpiece.  Whether the music was recorded here or not, we'd love to have the opportunity to help make your vision a reality in this critical phase of the process.



Capture your next sounds here at Shangri-Nah Studio and let us take care of the engineering side of the equation so you and your collaborators can be free to focus solely on the music.  Shangri-Nah offers everything from an all analog recording experience to strictly digital and everything in between.  Contact us today to set up a viewing or a time for your recording session! Fully analog location recording services can also be arranged.

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