Shangri-Nah offers a hybrid analog/digital experience.  Analog tracking can be achieved with ½” tape and 8 simultaneous tracks of analog recording or 16 tracks simultaneously in digital.  Typically, an artist will opt to track the core instruments to tape then digitize them and mix/overdub in the computer realm.  Alternatively, tracking completely to tape and mixing through the console to a stereo ¼” tape machine is an option as well.  There is also a cozy isolation booth which is great for tracking vocals, acoustic guitar, or an amp isolation room.



Matt Wenzel has been working with musicians and artists to achieve their visions since 2004.  After studying recording engineering in Los Angeles, he gradually built his home studio from the ground up while recording and performing in various musical projects which took him to Chicago, Colorado, California, and Urbana. Matt tends to take a “Steve Albini approach" when it comes to working with artists in that he does not insert himself into the “producer role” unless asked to do so.  Although he has lent his skills in this regard, his first priority is making sure the artists are getting what they want out of the experience of creating music together.  Matt has also provided sound design and scores for short film, audio drama, and a mobile gaming app.  He is a multi-instrumentalist and currently plays in The Falbonauts and has a solo recording project called ~Husband Material~.  He has previously played or recorded with Things Falling Apart, The Good Old Fashioned Sinners, Patrick Thunder, M. Sage, NOGGINCRUSH, The Auctions,

Morgan Orion and the Afterburners, Sun Pack, Crumpler, and The Televangelists.



An excerpt from the short film "Hypoxia" which features Matt's scoring work. Written and directed by Christian Gridelli and Hunter Norris of Dimestore Films.



A video of Matt performing with Sun Pack in Portland, OR



The Falbonauts performing "Threads of Sophia" in Chicago


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