Console: Ramsa WR-T820

Tape Machines: Tascam 38 ½” 8-track (with Rocktron noise reduction), Tascam 22-2 ¼” 2-track, Tascam 388 (upon request)

Computer: 2011 iMac, 32 GB RAM

DAW: Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 8

Plugins: Waves, PSP (limited)

A/D D/A Converters: RME Fireface UFX, Focusrite PRO 40, Benchmark DAC1

Microphones: (3) Shure SM57, (2) Shure SM58, (1) Shure SM7B, (1) Shure Beta 52, (1) Audio Technica AT2020, (2) Audio Techinica U851A Boundary Microphones (1) sE 4400a, (2) sE T2, (1) Blue Kickball, (2) Golden Age FC 4, (1) Radioshack omni condenser, CAD drum mic kit

Outboard:  FMR RNC 1773 Compressor, FMR RNLA 7239 Compressor, (2) Speck ASC-T EQ's, DOD R-845 Spring Reverb, DeltaLab Effectron II ADM 1024 Delay

500 Series: (2) FiveFish Audio SK-1DI Preamps, (2) Midas 522 Compressor/Limiters, (2) DIYRE Colour Palettes (swappable effect modules),

Colour Pallette Modules include:

(2) Louder Than Liftoff Hitmaker 4000 (Solid State British Console color)

(2) Implode 1176 FET compressors

(2) DIYRE Superfilter HPF/LPF

(2) Easy EQ GE

(1) Easy EQ SI

(1) DIYRE Level-Loc Compressor

(1) HRK GT Console Color

Monitors: Focal Alpha 65's, Yamaha HS8S Subwoofer

Headphones: (2) Sony 7506, (3) Sennheiser HD280, (1) Rane HC6 Headphone Distribution Amplifier

Amplifiers: 2000’s Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with EQ and reverb mod, 1968 Fender Bassman Blackface, VOX Pathfinder 15R, Fender Rumble Bass Amp

Guitars: MIM 2000's Fender Telecaster, Gretsch G5265 Baritone, Squier Jaguar Bass w/flat wound strings, DeArmond S73 SG-style guitar, Washburn Steel String Acoustic, Crestwood Nylon String

Drums: 1980's era Ludwig Rock Kit, DW Design Series Snare, Zildjian 14" Quick Beat Hi-Hats, Zildjan Avedis 21" Sweet Ride, Zildjian A 19" Medium Thin Crash

MIDI Controllers/Synths: (1) 25 Key M-Audio Oxygen MIDI Controller, (1) 49-Key M-Audio AxiomPro 49, (1) Roland JP-08, (1) Roland SH-32, (1) Arturia BeatStep Pro, (1) KORG Volca Sample, (1) Roland SP-404SX Sampler, (1) Casio SK-1, (1) Casio Casiotone 310, Arturia Analog Lab Soft Synths


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